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Improved Student Transportation

School Renovation and Restoration

New Technologies

Health, Safety, and Security

Charter School Capital Funding


Vote YES!

A 21st century education is the cornerstone for strong communities and a strong economy. On February 2, 2016, your vote of YES! in the upcoming Mill Levy and School Bond election provides this cornerstone for our children and for our city. $575 million dollars will be raised by a vote of YES! and used to cover existing and future costs for transportation, school renovations and restorations, new technologies, and health, safety and security infrastructure. Your YES! vote makes this possible. With your vote your communities, your schools, and your economy are stronger.

Please take a moment to watch this video and visit the website to learn more about the importance of your vote. You will find information on how your tax dollars are working, and the impact that past votes of approval have already had in making vital improvements to your community. You will also find detailed election information, and a list of design, construction and renovation projects that will be undertaken with your vote of YES! in the upcoming election.

Thank you in advance for your vote, and thank you for your partnership in growing our world…through education!


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