A Brief History of the School Mill Levy and Bond at Work In Our Community

The upcoming election is for the Mill Levy and School Bond. Both directly impact funding for the new Albuquerque Public Schools’ Capital Master Plan Strategy over a 6 year cycle. The current Capital Master Plan (The Plan) started in 2010 and was segmented into two phases. The first phase (2010-2013) focused on reducing overcrowding and accommodating growth. The second phase (2013-2016) focused on renewing and restoring aging buildings. The upcoming new Capital Master Plan Strategy (2016-2022) begins in 2016 and continues through 2022.

The New Strategy- The Plan Continues:

The new Capital Master Plan Strategy (2016-2022) aims to renew and restore the 143 district schools and 53 charter schools within APS, many of which were built prior to 1960. These schools are in need of refurbishing and remodeling so that all APS students can enjoy healthy and safe places to learn. Additionally the new strategy includes provisions for new educational and instructional technology as well as enhanced life, health and safety environments for students and teachers. Finally, The Plan will support capital funding to all Albuquerque Charter Schools (both local and state) and will also be used to improve transportation facilities for all students.)

Regional Economic Impact:

The Plan will generate close to $200 million in construction activity in the first year and a half alone. This pumps $10 million every month into the local economy. Continued activity through 2022 will produce steady economic growth for the design, fabrication and construction sectors of Albuquerque’s business community. This continued growth is extremely important to local economic health, local job prospects, and current and future educational needs. Since 2009, between 65-85% of all commercial building permits in the greater Albuquerque Metropolitan region are a direct result of school construction and renovation.

Your Tax Dollars at Work:

Since 2010, APS has put your tax dollars to work by building 13 new schools with over 5 million square feet of learning space. In addition 6 million square feet of classroom space at 45 individual sites has been renovated with funding secured from these bonds. We are proud to say that goals have been met and promises kept through the on-time and under-budget delivery of projects and the responsible use of tax-payer dollars.

What a Yes! Vote Will do for Our Schools



Safe and cost efficient student transportation to school is a major cornerstone in public education.  Over the next five years APS will directly own and manage over 80% of the school transportation network entailing over 500 busses that transport over 60,000 students daily.  Immediate capital investments include bus depots each housing up to 100 busses, a hub for bus drivers and central dispatch areas. The depots will be strategically located in the appropriate quadrant of the 1200 square mile district such that bus service to all students is quick, safe and also cost effective to the tax payer.

Student Transportation
Design Projects (Level I):


  1. Arroyo Del Oso Elementary School $1,725,000
  2. Digital Arts and Technology Academy (DATA) Charter School $3,300,000
  3. Early College Academy (ECA) / Career Enrichment Center (CEC) $2,900,000
  4. Eubank Elementary School $9,000,000
  5. Hubert Humphrey Elementary School $3,150,000
  6. Lavaland Elementary School $2,875,000
  7. Mary Ann Binford Elementary School $2,300,000
  8. McKinley Middle School $ 11,339,651
  9. Monte Vista Elementary School $1,450,000
  10. Montessori on the Rio Grande Charter School $4,500,000
  11. Public Academy for the Performing Arts (PAPA) Charter School $9,000,000
  12. Sandia Mountain Natural History Student Learning Center $4,000,000
  13. Sierra Vista Elementary School $2,575,000
  14. Taylor Middle School $1,225,000
  15. Truman Middle School $2,500,000
  16. Valle Vista Elementary School $2,025,000
  17. Zia Elementary School $1,758,569
  18. APS District Health Clinic $4,900,000

Construction Projects (Level II):

  1. Albuquerque High School $12,003,216
  2. Barcelona Elementary School $3,733,736
  3. Desert Willow Family School $3,262,667
  4. Digital Arts and Technology Academy (DATA) Charter School $3,300,000
  5. Eubank Elementary School $9,000,000
  6. Family School West Side $8,400,000
  7. Highland High School $15,550,000
  8. Jackson Middle School $10,485,000
  9. La Cueva High School $11,000,000
  10. Madison Middle School $2,900,000
  11. Manzano High School $21,900,000
  12. McKinley Middle School $11,339,651
  13. Montessori on the Rio Grande Charter School $4,500,000
  14. Montgomery Complex Professional Development/Meeting Facility $12,100,000
  15. Navajo Elementary School $2,900,000
  16. New NW K-8 $50,000,000
  17. Onate Elementary School $3,300,000
  18. Public Academy for the Performing Arts (PAPA) Charter School $9,000,000
  19. Sandia Mountain Natural History Student Learning Center $4,000,000
  20. APS District Health Clinic $4,900,000
aps cal picks_050
renovation restoration
Technology Refresh (Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Etc.) 40%
Interactive Boards (1 In All Teaching Spaces – Completion) 8.33%
Interactive Boards (7 YR-Refresh) 13.33%
School Wide Wireless Infrastructure 3%
School Wide Recabling 23.33%
School Wide Networking Devices (Switches / Routers) 6.33%
Data Center / Co-Lo Upgrades (Servers / Storage / Etc.) 5.68%
Total $100,000 Million 100%

The school IT learning devices (Computers, IT Boards, Tablets, Etc.) will be allocated based on individual school enrollment and program. IT infrastructure will be installed as needed for maximum impact district wide.

New Technology
  • ADA $3 Million Total

Infrastructure and Capital needs to comply with State and Federal standards for accessible design.

  • Fire Protection $2 Million Total

Addressing Health and Safety code compliance, and Fire Marshal specifications.

  • School Security & Student Safety Upgrades $5.6 Million Total

Addressing Health and Safety code compliance. District wide security system enhancments for all schools, to impact all students, teachers, parents, and staff on all APS school sites.

  • School Furniture $5 Million Total

Replacement of aging student/teacher classroom furniture (6 years or older). Intention is to replace a third of student/teacher classroom furniture at all schools.

  • APS District Health Clinic $4.9 Million Total

Design & Construction of a new employee health clinic to serve 15,000 District employees, and reduce health insurance/premium obligations impacts on the District Budget.

  • APS Police Command Center $1.5 Million Total

The command center will facilitate the monitoring of student/teacher/parent security at all District schools. It will also have the ability to centralize and monitor lockdowns, and potential tactical situations at any school site, from a central secure location.

  • Career Technical Education $750,000 Total

This is a contiuation of funding for Career Technical Education equipment for metals, woods, home economics, auto mechanics, and culinary arts programs. It also supplements CAD computers and software for CTE programs.


Charter Schools $58 Million

Per Student State Mandate for all 53 Charter Schools located within the APS District/Attendance area. These Funds will flow directly from the County Assesors Office to the individual Charter Schools according to their Student Enrollment numbers.

Projects $17,050,000 Million

  • Public Academy for Performing Arts – $9 Million Total
    • Design, Construction  & Relocate School to current Acoma ES Campus/Facility. Renovate existing facility to accommodate PAPA. Construct new additions to provide specialized performing arts spaces.
  • Montessori on the Rio Grande – $4.5 Million Total
    • Design & Construct Phase II consisting of a new classroom and administration building 14,236 SF addition. This school provides a Montessori curriculum enhanced with fitness, arts, and music programs for Kindergarten through 6th grades.
  • Digital Arts and Technology Academy – $3.3 Million Total
    • Design & Construction of total school interior spaces and roof replacement.
  • Robert F. Kennedy Middle School – $250,000 Total
    • Upgrades to vehicular circulation/parking. ADA, windows, doors, and restrooms.

A detailed summary of the Albuquerque Public Schools Capital Master Plan can be viewed at the link below: